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Our Products

It can be difficult to cut through the noise on campus. That’s why we offer a variety of media choices to make sure your voice is heard. We reach students both on and off campus through geo-targeting, campus press, their mobile devices and computers, social media and their online searches. We know how to target the right audience in the right place at the right time.

Campus Press

With students constantly tethered to their devices, you are able to reach them in With just the right blend of hard-hitting news, irreverent humour, reader-driven content and community involvement, campus press engages students in a way nothing else can. A low ad-to-content ratio ensures your ad will stand out and ties your brand to campus culture. Campus press is highly targeted and there are close to a million copies of student newspapers printed every month in Canada. Their online versions receive more than 1.5 million impressions monthly. These news sources are produced by students for students.


Our unique hyper technology lets us target areas as small as 10m by 10m—the big guys won’t do that—allowing you to target any building you want on campus or off. This means you can target all the devices in the gym, residence halls, specific faculties or even during events. The ads appear on thousands of the most popular websites, apps and online videos. With hyper video, we can even match the content of the video to an appropriate ad.

Social Media

These are the platforms students use to engage with their friends—in class, at home, during lunch—wherever they happen to be.

Instagram users are active and engaged. It’s an image-based network where quality counts and sponsored posts are displayed in the target market’s photo feed. We make sure the image and description in the post are engaging, eye-catching and on point.

Facebook is used to generate more website visits, page likes and foot traffic—if you happen to have a storefront. As the network with the most shareable content, it’s easy to generate sponsored posts in the news feed where they stay front of mind.

LinkedIn is the most professional network where students engage with peers, coworkers and current and prospective employers. It’s the right spot to post more serious, employment-based content.


Another important tool we offer further along in the process is Google Ad. When students search for something, they are more likely to choose the first result presented to them. In fact, most people don’t venture beyond the first page of search results. As students become aware of what you offer from seeing ads that have been targeted towards them, Google Ad will keep you top of mind as they search out your products and services on their own.