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Our Team

Vikram Seth

Vik is the guy in the office who knows a thing or two about most topics and is able to jump into any conversation. A cheerful and innovative ideas man who knows how to get a project moving, Vik likes to stay busy and has been that way since his university days when he had a different club meeting every day of the week. These days he’s busy heading up F-Media, but gets the itch to travel every so often and is always excited to tick another country off the list.

Travis Riedlhuber

Director – Operations and Logistics
Travis is always up to bat with a dry one-liner that gets the team laughing. Born on Christmas day, he’s used to sharing the spotlight and taking one for the team. He once literally took one in the form of a broken arm trying to hood slide a car like Starsky and Hutch. A Lethbridge native, Travis founded Bearly Clothing while still at university. His management degree saw him graduate with great distinction in marketing while also becoming a semi-finalist in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.

Ashleigh Brown

Manager – Operations and Logistics
Ash is the busiest person you’ll ever meet who still always seems to have her nose stuck in a book. She is passionate about freedom of expression and the arts, having studied arts and cultural management and also film studies. She sings and plays guitar and keys in several bands. Her fighter-pilot father moved the family to Botswana for a few years when she was a child, and she looks forward to returning there someday with her sons to dance and camp out in lion country.

Ross Vincent

Supervisor – Operations and Logistics
Ross is the type of person who can figure out how to do anything—and do it quite well, though he’d never say so himself. Focused and meticulous, with a dry sense of humor, he lives by the words of  Macho Man Randy Savage to, “Do the thing, ooooh yeah!” Ross has a history degree and also honed his design skills as the design and production editor at The Gateway, spending more time on his weekly comics than attending graduate classes. He self-published an e-book of his work in 2015.