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Our Story

We are a media planning and buying agency that have built a comprehensive network of university and college advertising opportunities in Canada.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta with regional sales representatives operating across the country, we are a dynamic team of individuals working with a common purpose: to support one of the most unique and thriving niche markets in the industry.

In partnership with the Canadian University Press (CUP), alumni Ashleigh Brown and Vikram Seth created F-Media to focus on representing campus press in the national market. Their wealth of professional resources and years of experience working in the industry provide both campus organizations and clients with the benefit of their first-hand understanding of campus media.

Our value proposition

After years of experience in the campus newspaper environment, our team understands and believes in the importance of student advertising. No matter your message or how you want to convey it, we can help you deliver it to every student across Canada.

Reader Driven.

With just the right blend of hard-hitting news, irreverent humour, reader-driven content, and direct involvement in their community, campus media engages students like no other medium. Need to know more? Visit “Why Campus Media?” for the latest news and featured content profiling the best campus media has to offer its audience and yours.

Why Campus Media?