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Our Staff


Vikram Seth
Managing Partner

Vik was the University student your mom wished you’d be. On top of being involved in a number of campus groups, he helped build a school in rural Kenya, was a student councilor, vice-president of his fraternity, and president of its alumni association. While working in advertising sales for his campus paper, he doubled their revenue in just 3 years, and his insight into campus life still allows him to effectively target student advertising. He also started an environmental advocacy group. Is there anything Vik can’t do?


Ashleigh Brown
Operations Director

As Business Manager, Ashleigh pushed campus press into the local community, taking an already established paper and turning it into a marketing powerhouse. In all her work, Ashleigh takes pride in bridging the gap between creativity and strategic implementation, especially when it involves the nonprofit arts community. When she isn’t thinking about campus media, she spends her time on mud pies and monkey bars with her two young boys.


Justin Kuchmak
Media Director

With a degree in strategic management and organization (and a minor in accounting), Justin’s business savvy is integral to F-Media. Involving himself in as many branches of student business as he could, Justin became a seminar manager for business classes, and spent time learning more about the biz in Hong Kong. He also once got in a “tussle” over the market value of an orange in China. Clearly, the F-Media guys like to live dangerously.


Travis Riedlhuber
Account Executive

After graduating with Great Distinction from the University of Lethbridge, Travis took his management degree 500 km north to join the F-Media team. His marketing know-how was enriched during his time at his campus paper The Meliorist, as well as through his own entrepreneurial venture. As a former athlete and coach, Travis thrives on hard work and competition. However, he has no problem taking a break to join you for a beer.


Ross Vincent
Operations Supervisor

With two years design experience with Edmonton-area publications, Ross knows what it takes to put a newspaper together. His tenure as Design & Production Editor at The Gateway saw increased pickup and a wide array of slick eye-catching cover designs, as well as the distinct honour of penning a comic that made people cry. Cartoonist, pro-wrestling fan, and ever-practicing guitarist, Ross’ breadth of experience and trademark deadpan humour are a welcome addition to the F-Media team.

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Amy Thomas
Account Manager – Digital Sales

After moving to Canada from England in 2007 Amy spent several years in British Columbia. During this time she was an Advertising Consultant for a Visitors Magazine. She then stared her own Business venture were she provided Sales and Marketing services to local business. Amy’s experience coupled with her enthusiasm and British Accent makes her a fun and knowledgeable asset to F-Media Team.

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