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Campus Media

Our team understands and believes in the importance of student advertising. No matter your message or how you want to convey it, we can help you deliver it to every student across Canada.

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For a comprehensive listing of your options across the country:

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Campus Press – Online

With students constantly tethered to their devices, you are able to reach them in class, on campus and at home while they search for campus news. Just like the print product, these websites have information that is not reported on anywhere else. They are a credible source, tying your brand into the campus culture. In total, all the student newspaper websites across Canada receive over 1.3 million monthly impressions.


Campus Press – Print

Print’s niche market focus and unique positioning have allowed it to fulfil a crucial role at post-secondary institutions across Canada. Providing students with relevant news and discussion from a credible source, they have a low ad-to-content ratio ensuring your ad stands out. It is highly targeted, with minimal spillage, and is read on average by one-in-three students. There are still over 1.7 million copies of student newspapers printed every month in Canada.


Hyper-targeting – Mobile & Tablet

With hundreds of mobile websites and apps in our network, we will get your message to students through banner ads on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and tablet devices. Our geo-targeting allows you to reach specific students in areas such as student residences, faculty buildings and transit areas.


Hyper-targeting – Desktop

Reach students based on their specific location, age, gender, online behaviour and interests with ads on premium websites. With targeting this specific, your campaign will not only be effective, but cost efficient. Desktop ads are best used to increase interaction with your website.


Social Media

With Facebook advertising we can generate more website visits, Page likes, in-store traffic and more. No matter your objective we will help build you a campaign reaching primarily those in the student audience. Sponsored posts appear right in the news feed where they cannot be ignored. Instagram users are active and engaged. Take advantage of this with sponsored posts on your targeted market’s feed. We will help you reach students as well as make sure the image and description in the post are eye-catching. Twitter gets your word out quickly to students. We will build you a campaign of sponsored tweets not only growing your follower count but getting your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible.


Student Radio

This past year saw over 300,000 listeners of campus radio across Canada. Advertising space is limited by the CTRC ensuring a low ad to content ratio so your commercial will stand out. Those that listen to campus radio are engaged in their community, believe in citizen journalism, support volunteerism and are independent. Our stations can reach students anywhere: work, home, in the car, or online.


Student Handbooks

Students use their handbooks daily throughout the year. Advertising in student handbooks guarantees a consistent level of exposure and top-of-mind awareness. They are only distributed to students, so 100% of your advertising dollars are spent on reaching your target demographic.


OOH Display – Static

Our OOH static display network allows you to advertise in over 200 post-secondary buildings across Canada in high impact locations. The ads are seen repeatedly, helping to build brand recognition amongst the 18-24 year old student demographic.


OOH Display – Digital

OOH digital displays allows you to increase your impressions and awareness in high traffic locations on the largest campuses across the country. The constantly changing images allow your ads to catch the eyes of students as they search the screens for important campus information.


Pre-roll Video

With our network of pre-roll sites we will show your video to your ideal campus audience who can then click through to your website. Videos can increase awareness and pack a significant amount of information about your services.

Reader Driven.

With just the right blend of hard-hitting news, irreverent humour, reader-driven content, and direct involvement in their community, campus media engages students like no other medium. Need to know more? Visit “Why Campus Media?” for the latest news and featured content profiling the best campus media has to offer its audience and yours.

Why Campus Media?