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Our expertise in reaching the niche 18-24 audience has given us the tools to hyper-target any market not matter the size, demographic or location. Let us help reach your audience through the most effective digital media.



The average person checks their phone 110 times per day— with hundreds of mobile websites and apps in our network, we will get your message to your target audience through banner ads on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and tablet devices. Mobile consistently has high clickthrough rates and builds strong awareness for your brand.



Reach people based on their location, age, gender, online behaviour and interests with ads on premium websites. With targeting this specific, your campaign will not only be effective, but cost efficient. Desktop ads are best used to increase interaction with your website.



Retargeting services remind past visitors to return to your website, encouraging a conversion. Ads can be served on both mobile and desktop and allow you to best reach those who are already interested in your services.



With our network of pre-roll sites we will show your video to your ideal audience who can then click through to your website. Videos can increase awareness and pack a significant amount of information about your services.


Google Adwords

Google search is ubiquitous in finding information about goods and services. It is vital to have a presence not only on the first results page, but at the top of it when someone is searching for your company or service you offer. We will help grow your website traffic simply by allowing people to find you more easily.


Google Display

We can expand your AdWords campaign to include banner ads on Google’s programmatic network, reaching people with who have searched terms related to you. These display ads can be targeted to people in a specific city or region.


Social Media

With Facebook advertising we can generate more website visits, Page likes, in-store traffic and more. No matter your objective we will help build you a campaign reaching only those in your target market. Sponsored posts appear right in the news feed where they cannot be ignored. Instagram users are active and engaged. Take advantage of this with sponsored posts on your targeted market’s feed. We will help you narrow down your target audience as well as make sure the image and description in the post are eye-catching. Twitter gets your word out quickly to your target audience. We will build you a campaign of sponsored tweets not only growing your follower count but getting your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Reach Students Now.

We make reaching your audience easy. Check out our Comprehensive Campus Advertising guide to find out how.

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